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How To Get Hip Hop Bundle Free in Free Fire

Friends, if you play Free Fire game, then you will know very well that there is a lot of demand for season two i.e. Hip Hop bundle in Free Fire game.

So in today’s article, we are going to tell you how you can get HipHop bundle for free on your Free Fire account.

Hip Hop Bundle season 2

HipHop bundle is a bundle of season 2, before that there is also a bundle of season one, which is very famous but the demand of season 2 is not as much as that of season one.

If by mistake any player of season one or season 2 comes in Lodhi then everyone becomes happy and starts watching it means that everyone is a fan of hiphop bundle. There is a desire in the mind of every free fire player that I wish he could get the hiphop bundle i.e. season two bundle but this desire remains just a wish.

How To Get Hip Hop Bundle Free

And friends, if you read this article further, then you will be able to take the Hip Hop bundle for hundred percent free. How To Get Hip Hop Bundle Free in Free Fire.

Because you will know that Garena Free Fire has made a huge update on its Free Fire, which means that in December 2022, the Elite Pass will be completely closed from the Free Fire game and in its place a booyah pass is going to come in January in 2023.

Hall Of Elite

Garena Free Fire had just published a video in which it was told that the Hall of Elite Pass is going to end in 2022 and in this condition the Elite Pass is being removed from the game, so for this reason Garena Free Fire is going to stop playing for its players. All the bundles from Season One to Season 5 are going to be brought back to the Free Fire game once again.

Get Free Season 1 to Season 5 All Rare Bundles

So friends don’t know how your 2022 is going to end but if you are a free fire player then this last month of 2022 December is going to be very good for you because the first thing is that you will have to play from season one. All the bundles till season two are going to be seen and the second best thing is that you can remove all these bundles for free in one click.

Garena FF Official Website
FF Rewards Official Website

But wait wait brother it is not like Garena Free Fire is going to give you this bundle for free Garena Free Fire will not give you this bundle for free but you have come to our website then we will definitely give you this bundle for free. How To Get Hip Hop Bundle Free in Free Fire..

Booyah Pass in Free Fire 2023

As you guys know garena free fire just gave us elite pass for free in 2022 december and now this was the last elite pass in this game since 2000 22 december you will see elite pass in free fire game is not going to be available and Booyah pass is going to come in place of this elite.

And hippo bundle and sakura bundle are also bundles given in elite pass and when elite pass is going to be closed from game from this year so that’s why top five are going to come back in elite pass.

Now the Booyah Pass that is going to come is going to be much better than Elite Pass because now you will get to see Rare Bundles in Booyah Pass also you will get to see Rare Items but it is also being told that maybe the price of Booyah Pass is that of Elite Pass The price may be slightly higher because we all know that Garena Free Fire loots a lot and to rob us, it has closed the Elite Pass and replaced it with the Booyah Pass.

How To Get Hip Hop Bundle Free in Free Fire

So friends, to get the Po bundle for free, you have to click on the download button given below, after that a new page will open in front of you, then you have to wait for a few seconds there, after that a new website will appear in front of you. Will open then you will get an option to download an application there then you have to download that application and after that you can easily take the hip hop bundle for free and if you still face any problem So do tell in the comment section below.

By clicking on above download button you can download that app and get free unlimited diamonds on your free fire account and if you want hiphop bundle then you can also get hiphop bundle from here.

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