Get Free Booyah Pass In Free Fire 2023 | Free Fire Booyah Pass

Garena Free Fire is going to make a big change in its Free Fire for its users in 2023 i.e. on New Year, till now you used to see Elite Pass in Free Fire but now instead of Elite Pass you will see Booyah Pass.

Free Fire Booyah Pass

The way Elite Pass is in the game till now, in the same way now you will get Booyah Pass in place of Elite Pass and let us tell you that Garena says that you will get Booyah Pass, in this you will get to see more and more rare items. i.e. going to be much better than the elite pass. Free Fire Booyah Pass

Now the point is, is the Booyah Pass going to be more expensive than the Elite Pass? or cheaper? Because Garena says that it is going to give you more expensive rewards, then it may be more expensive. Free Fire Booyah Pass

How To Get Free Fire Booyah Pass In Free

But friends, how expensive the Booyah pass will be, it has not been confirmed yet, but you can take this Booyah pass for free and you will get all the information about how you can take this Booyah pass for free in detail in this article. If you are, then you must read this article completely. Free Fire Booyah Pass

By the way, even if you do not take the premium version of the Booyah pass, you will definitely get some items here, if you want rare items, then for this you will have to take the premium Booyah pass and for this you will have to pay diamonds. Free Fire Booyah Pass


Booyah Pass Details

Season Booyah Pass Season 1
Release Date 1 January 2023
Sepcial Effects Available
Diamonds required to Unlock Yet to be revealed
Garena FF Max Official Website
Bundle Type Legendary
Other Items Legendary
Customize Option Available
Diamonds No
Total Levels Lv.150
Booyah Pass Paid
Rewards Types Booyah Free and Booyah Premium

Difference between Booyah Pass and Elite Pass

Let us tell you that you are going to see a huge difference between the two passes like you did not get to see more rare bundles in Elite Pass but now you will get to see rare items inside Booyah Pass and rare along with it. Free Fire Booyah Pass

You can change the bundles that you will find inside the Bhaiya Pass into three colors, whatever color you want to see that bundle, you can do it in that color and we get to see this different.

And the second biggest difference can be like till now you had to pay 499 Diamonds to get Light Pass but from 1st Jan 2023 onwards you will probably have to pay above 500 Diamonds to buy Booyah Pass and maybe That it can cost up to 1000 Diamonds, although it is not yet confirmed.

After buying the light, you have to complete it in the Free Fire game to unlock all its items, but now after buying the Booyah Pass, you will be given some new tasks to unlock its items, which you have to complete. And when you complete the task, you will be able to unlock all the items in Booyah Pass.

How to get Booyah Pass in Free Fire?

In Free Fire game, you will get to see two types of Booyah Pass, the first is that in this you will get Booyah Pass for free, in which you will not get to see some special rare items, but if you want to unlock premium Booyah Pass, then its For that you are going to need Free Fire Diamonds.

And friends, if you are going to need a redeem code to get the Booyah pass, then you will also be given a redeem code to get the Booyah pass on this website, so if you have not subscribed to this website yet, then subscribe take |

People also ask ( FAQ)

Question: How do you get 10 diamonds on Booyah app?

Answer: In Booyah pass you have to complete some task in free fire to get free diamond like you have to watch live stream

Question: How To Get Booyah Pass in Free Fire?

Answer: The way till now you used to take elite pass inside Free Fire game, now you will be able to take Booyah pass from here.

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